How could I?

How could I forget the way you smile?
When it always reminds me to put
Stars on my darkest night
It is the only thing that I could hold on to

When everything is not going right

How could I forget the way you speak?
Your voice is like music to my ears
It gives off that tantalizing symphony
That would stay forever in my memory

How could I forget the way you think?
It is comparable to the deepest trenches of the pacific.
I wish I could dive in it so I could understand you
more than any girls in this city .

How could I forget the way you love ,
When I saw you treat her like a precious dove
You give her freedom ,but it wasn’t enough .
I wish I could be the one who could heal the wounds of your broken heart .
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Let’s live life to the fullest

Let’s live life to the fullest, that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be all about happiness.Life is a mixture of diverse emotions and feelings , It could be wild like the beat of the drum at a concert ,It could be tamed and solemn like a hymn at the church.It could be sad and devastating like your first heartbreak.Life is all about feeling ,reacting and interacting.We have to experience and embrace all these things and that includes sadness.